18-21 March 2019

Houston, USA

Why Choose Us?

We recognise there are niche, highly technical disciplines where analytics has the power to transform and drive business decision-making, as well as change the roles of people working in these areas.

Broader data analytics and big data events are not designed to provide the level of education required to address the specific opportunities and challenges in targeted application or ecosystems. We believe in the power of focused conversations that unite business, data and IT leaders to make change happen.

Why is this event for you?

ADA Upstream 2019 is a culmination of the very best use cases, discussion and insight to help advance the application of data analytics for E&P decision-making.

The ADA brand promises:

  • Our events emphasise the HOW not the WHY, with a 100% focus on the application.
  • We create independent platforms which bring together key stakeholders from Business, IT and Data for a collaborative conversation and supportive peer network.
  • We provide in-depth learning and specific use cases to benchmark best practice and define core principles for shared learning and transferable outcomes.
  • We help evaluate and review the data & IT infrastructure, as well as the cultural change required to deliver this transformation.

Snapshot of Some of the Key Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Advanced Analytics Implementation and Scalability
  • Upskilling the Business-Side
  • Taking Machine Learning to New Upstream Areas
  • Fostering IT, Data & Business Collaboration

Learn from 30 expert business, IT and data thought leaders including: