March 17-18, 2020

Houston, USA

Sponsorship Opportunities

Support Operators with the Right Tools & Software in their Transformation to a Data-Driven Future

Business-side engineering and IT leaders are uniting to unlock the true value of data analytics for improved upstream decision-making. At this crucial early stage in the industry’s digital transformation, upstream senior executives require external partnerships and expertise to:

  • Identify the opportunity, develop a business strategy and build the internal culture for success
  • Understand the detail and inside working of the tools, platforms and IT infrastructure and how they connect with business-wide analytics initiatives
  • Direct and support in the actual practical application and development of custom use cases
  • Explore technology layering for security and interoperability

Operators are looking to invest in the following solutions:

  • Data Management and Analytics Software
  • AI, Cognitive Software, Machine Learning (including start-ups)
  • Automation, IoT, Sensors
  • GPUs, HPC and Storage
  • Consulting

Sounds like the right place for you?

Unlike larger trade shows, the exhibition area at this meeting is very limited. Speaking opportunities are restricted to a small handful of solution providers.

We are offering an environment in which you can have meaningful, in-depth conversations and build relationships with the most engaged leaders in the industry.

If you have a solution that can help operators maximize the value of data & analytics for upstream decision makers, then you could be a candidate to be a sponsored partner! Get in touch for more details about the exclusive opportunities on offer to exhibit and speak as part of a commercial partnership.