18-21 March 2020

Houston, USA


The PODS Association advances global pipeline data standards through development and maintenance of its proven PODS Data Model, supporting efficient data management and reporting for the oil and gas industry. Since 1998 the nonprofit, vendor-neutral PODS Association has brought together pipeline industry operators, vendors and government entities to create the PODS Data Model, pipeline data storage and interchange standards. PODS Data Model’s open data structure for storing critical pipeline data enables robust and flexible analysis and reporting, meeting the needs of pipeline companies today and in the future. Value to the pipeline industry includes networking and knowledge sharing, development of solutions and tools, and industry interoperability. PODS Association hosts two premier Pipeline Data Standards events each year, a Conference in the Fall and the PODS Forum in the spring, as well as quarterly webinars. The most recent PODS Model, a transformed and robust Next Generation model called PODS 7.0, can be previewed by downloading the free PODS Lite v 1.1 model (a subset of the complete PODS 7.0 model due out before year end 2018). The Association consists of a 12-member Board of Directors, a Technical Committee on Governance and an Executive Director.